The easy to fix reason kids will STRUGGLE with Algebra and English


The simple reason most kids struggle in Algebra and Writing

It doesn’t matter if I’m tutoring a teenager in Algebra or a fourth-grader tackling writing. Same goes for an Honors student in English class or a college student in Chemistry.

So many students make massive errors due to handwriting. Handwriting!

I was talking to one of my tutoring students about the insane amounts of time we used to spend on handwriting. At least two years of my elementary school years were heavy on handwriting. Now that time is going into STEM subjects, especially Math–so here’s the question:

What happens when kids don’t have decent handwriting?

Here’s what I’ve seen as a tutor:

  • At the college level: writing errors that completely destroy Chemistry or Math calculations (cue the confusion)
  • At the high school level: complete lack of confidence in note-taking, copying errors, setting up equations completely wrong, gaps in writing ability
  • At the elementary school level: problems telling similar letters apart even into first and second grade

It comes down to one thing: writing is the major tool for learning.

And while it may seem so outdated not to type things up, the fact is that the very process of writing engages our minds in more ways than just typing: shaping the letters/words in our minds, moving our hands to create writing, and seeing the words written out in our familiar script. Even learning the difference between letters is more about handwriting and less about visually seeing the shapes (Auburn University).

Handwriting is still a huge part of learning, and I suspect it always will be.

Hilariously, I told my first grade student we didn’t use computers in elementary school when I was little. Horrified, he asked me, “So they hadn’t invented chairs yet either!?” Lol!

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I want to know–does your kid have “doctor handwriting?” How do you feel about her/his handwriting? (Comment below!)

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